The Executive Coaching Handbook

Executive Coaching is becoming commonplace in leadership development and as a transition tool on an international basis. It is seen as viable lever in the retention of top talent. Twenty years ago, it was a one-off activity, now organizations that use coaching report that they’ll likely increase its use in the next five years, and numerous large and small companies say they will introduce executive coaching within two years. Coaching grows in popularity and prestige. Yet, there still is no widely agreed definition or set of professional standards. This Handbook was conceived as a step in establishing guidelines by starting a dialogue in the field about what is executive coaching, what is its purpose, how do we make sure it’s being practiced well and ethically, and how do we know it really works. We have added the Competency Model to help define the knowledge areas, tasks and skills sets, attributes, and abilities that are critical for executive coaches to use in their work to be successful and to create effective experiences for clients.

Six Ways to Improve Your Office Organizing Skills

Here are six tips from Kathy Paauw of "Paauwerfully Organized" to help you increase your personal productivity.